Hello! my name is David Soto. I work as a Freelance Front End Web Developer. I have a passion for pixel perfect, minimal and easy to use interfaces. I build agency-quality websites without the big agency rates.

My Portfolio

Some of the work that I love to do.  

The Tactical Driver

A project to help rideshare drivers maximize their earnings and also this project generates passive income by using referrals and affiliate links.

Apple Website

This is a mockup site of Apple's home website featuring it's latest products. Take a look around and see how clean it feels.

Tesla's Roadster

This is a mock up site of Tesla's Roadster website. Fully mobile responsive. Take a look around and see how clean it feels.

Tactical Coder Inc.

Learn to code Landing Page, aims towards a small business project I had in mind. Using the basic stacks of the web: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and jQuery.


Zarvox is a local business in San Diego that sells stickers, decals, banners, and other custom murals for all types of events and occasions. Awesome guys to do business with.

Museum of Candy

A clean and very minimalistic page. I love creating basic simple pages like this. Big fan of the 'less is more' concept.

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About Me

I'm a San Diego based military veteran who found his bona fide devotion as a Front-end Web Developer. Not too long ago I began teaching myself how to program. The moment I wrote my first JavaScript "Hello World" app, I became hooked! My passion lies in technology and coding, but when I'm not writing code or learning a new programming language, I'm usually outdoors exploring the city with my family, taking photos, surfing at the beach, or eating tasty food in Mexico.

I create beautiful modern websites for small businesses. I help businesses stand out and make a web presence in today's digital era. I have a multitude set of skills, ranging from responsive design, making websites look good on mobile and desktop, but I also do SEO optimizations, making it easier for companies to be found on Google's search results.


The design and development process of the software application should be a smooth and clear plan. With a clear four-step process, the roadmap ensures a successful launch of the project. Of course without sacrificing user experience, and maintaining best practices & brand consistency.


Gether the requirements. What are the who's what's and why's. What problem are we going to solve?


How I approach the design process. Functionality & elegance can coexist. I'm a minimalist who truly believes that less is more.


I love coding things from scratch, I like experimenting and using my imagination. I'm familiar with other frameworks like Bootstrap, Flex, & CSS Grid.


I help businesses bring their brand to a larger crowd with search engines optimization(SEO) & social media marketing.

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